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Excellent experience. This is a franchise that cares about their customer! Our water smells like bleach is coming out of the faucet. It's off and on. Enough to actually make me wretch and burn my eyes. We called Culligan to give us an idea of our options. There wasn't a big sales pitch - just the information. We waited a few days and then decided to move to the next step: come out and do an evaluation if we can fit the system beneath our sink. At that appointment, Jeb did water analysis and filled us in on what was what. We decided to move to the next step because they will remove it (we are currently renting) when we leave and renting the unit we get to have maintenance with it along the way. We booked the appointment for installation. Andy texted us on game-day to see if he could arrive earlier and we were glad to move it up. He got there and took care of everything always asking questions on decisions we might want to make and educating us on how the system works. This experience was so good I'm planning to share it in all of the forums I attend in town. Professional Prompt Educational Friendly Thorough Thanks guys!
Culligan Customer
Sarita Shoemaker
- Culligan Customer